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19 thoughts on “Fishing with David Pyle

  1. Congrats on Dirk gettin’ that nice fish this morning!! Well done guys! One of my fishing buddies, fishing alone due to the Covid 19 situation, picked up a keeper yesterday down at the HOC, on a Red Label herring like you guys.


    1. Brian,
      That’s awesome that your buddy got a springer. They are challenging fish and you’ve really got to feel blessed when you get one. Please extend my congratulations to your buddy.


      1. Thanks David, I’ll pass along your congrats to him. You’re right, they are a finicky fish, but the reward is well worth the effort, and many fruitless hours on the river!


  2. Your videos are very helpful and informative. At the end when you summarize your gear it will say SOG or SOP after trolling. What does that mean? Also, what do you charge for a local guided trip? Thanks.


  3. Hi David,
    So, the 2021 Springer season begins! That’s a beautiful fish Dirk caught on Feb. 27th!! How much did it weigh? It looks like a real pig! Tell Dirk congrats!!
    By the way, where is “Turkey Flats”, between Sellwood, and the Ross Island Bridge?
    Looking forward to your reports during the up-coming season!!
    Tight lines!!


      1. Thanks for the info David! I was close, I thought it was down by the Spaghetti Factory. I’ve fished Turkey Flats for years, and didn’t know it!! Powered by Cricket Wireless


  4. Hi David I hoped that you would have Been a lot more consistent with your blogs this season. Thing seemed to start off well but then you go quite it gives me the impression you only post things to impress. I hope not for someone that watches you it would be nice to hear you’re take on how fishing has been wetter you catch any or not.


    1. Ken, I wish that I had more time to do the blog but it’s tough with my current schedule. I want to share reports and information with everyone but guiding, working (my day job), family, friends, house maintenance, and other interests don’t leave me much time. Sorry to disappoint but I get pulled in a lot of directions.


    1. If you want to fish the lower Channel, or the Columbia above Warrior Rock, when that part of the Columbia’s open, there’s a good launch at Scappoose Bay Marina.


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