Springer fishing can be challenging

After an April dry spell the fish finally came back to my boat. We picked up fish on both Saturday and Sunday last weekend. Springer fishing is notoriously challenging but the lack of rain has made fishing above the Head of the Channel even more difficult. The low water conditions and lack of good baitContinue reading “Springer fishing can be challenging”

Columbia River open for four additional days

May 14, 2020 Salmon fishing on the Columbia river will be open for another four days starting tomorrow. The open dates are May 15, 16, 17 and 20. The previous opener which ended on Wednesday was mostly filled with frustration due to a catch rate of one fish for every 20 anglers. The conditions goingContinue reading “Columbia River open for four additional days”

Big tides and rising water

May 8, 2020 It was mostly disappointing for anglers during the Columbia River opener on May 5th and 7th. There are two days remaining to fish, May 9th and 13th. Water released from Bonneville caused the river to rise and thus turned off the bite. Additionally, the big outgoing tide exchange as pictured above madeContinue reading “Big tides and rising water”

Weekend Recap

April 26, 2020 On Saturday we fished the Head of the Channel area from 6:00am to 12:30pm. There wasn’t a lot of pressure due to the heavy rain and wind in the forecast. We ran laps through the the channel entrance, the flats, the power lines, and the green barges. At 8:00am I was onContinue reading “Weekend Recap”