Springer fishing can be challenging

After an April dry spell the fish finally came back to my boat. We picked up fish on both Saturday and Sunday last weekend. Springer fishing is notoriously challenging but the lack of rain has made fishing above the Head of the Channel even more difficult. The low water conditions and lack of good baitContinue reading “Springer fishing can be challenging”

Another Early Springer

Saturday was a beautiful day on the Willamette River. The sun was shining, the wind was calm, and the river was clear. Unfortunately, the fish weren’t as excited as the fishermen. According to reports there weren’t many fish caught but somehow we managed to find a native spring chinook in Downtown Portland. Our fish strippedContinue reading “Another Early Springer”

Weekend Recap

April 26, 2020 On Saturday we fished the Head of the Channel area from 6:00am to 12:30pm. There wasn’t a lot of pressure due to the heavy rain and wind in the forecast. We ran laps through the the channel entrance, the flats, the power lines, and the green barges. At 8:00am I was onContinue reading “Weekend Recap”

You Win Some and you Lose Some

On April 12th we trolled through the Spaghetti Factory stretch of the Willamette river at 6am.  I usually make a couple of passes through this zone to see if any nets go up.  If fish are being caught I stay in the area.   If there’s no action I either stay and hope that a bite turnsContinue reading “You Win Some and you Lose Some”

Slooooooow Takedown

We fished the Willamette River on April 11th for another elusive Spring Chinook. We intercepted our fish below the Ross Island Bridge while trolling in 30 feet of water. Our line counters were at 24 feet when the springer tugged on a whole herring. This was an interesting takedown because our fish seemed content toContinue reading “Slooooooow Takedown”

Springer Caught on 4/10/2020

We launched my boat at 6am this morning at Willamette Park near downtown Portland. The launch was busier than expected but we quickly got our gear setup and started trolling toward the Spaghetti Factory. I brought green and red label herring in addition to spinners and Brad’s superbait. We elected to use triangle flashers withContinue reading “Springer Caught on 4/10/2020”

Springers are in the system

Springer fishing generally picks up in the month of April. The fishing reports from Friday, Saturday, and Sunday indicate that we are off to a good start. On Friday the best reports came from the Lower Channel and Scappoose Bay area. Multiple people told me that the bite was good. I fished there on SaturdayContinue reading “Springers are in the system”

Changing Conditions

Reports indicate that there’s been an uptick in Springer activity in the Willamette river and the Multnomah channel this week. The recent rains may have pushed a fresh batch of Spring Chinook into the system and it’s not surprising given that April is generally a good month for fishing. Much to my surprise, I’ve receivedContinue reading “Changing Conditions”

The Columbia is Closed

This week in fishing It’s been a slow week of Salmon fishing in Oregon with a few bright spots in the Columbia gorge area. I fished the Multnomah Channel below the Sauvies Island bridge yesterday and the Columbia River today. I didn’t mark many fish and failed to see a net go up on eitherContinue reading “The Columbia is Closed”

Springer In the Box

We caught an early springer on Saturday in the Multnomah Channel. The head of the channel starts from the Willamette river in Northwest Portland and flows into the Columbia river near St. Helens. Fresh spring chinook from the Columbia river make their way up the Channel every year in the early spring. I want toContinue reading “Springer In the Box”