Springer Fishing is off to a good start

March 13, 2022 Every year we have a big storm in late February or early March that brings a nice batch of Spring Chinook to the Portland Area. A pattern emerges where the Willamette and Columbia rivers rise several feet and the turbidity levels increase to the point where the Willamette river looks like chocolate.Continue reading “Springer Fishing is off to a good start”

Springer fishing can be challenging

After an April dry spell the fish finally came back to my boat. We picked up fish on both Saturday and Sunday last weekend. Springer fishing is notoriously challenging but the lack of rain has made fishing above the Head of the Channel even more difficult. The low water conditions and lack of good baitContinue reading “Springer fishing can be challenging”

Columbia River Re-Opener

September 17, 2020 The Columbia River re-opens on September 19th through December 31st from Buoy 10 to Highway 395 near Pasco. There’s a two fish limit of which only one can be a Chinook. Fin clipped Coho below the Hood River bridge can be kept but steelhead must be released. Please check the full regulationsContinue reading “Columbia River Re-Opener”

The Columbia is Re-Opening Friday – Sunday

September 9, 2020 The Columbia river is re-opening from Buoy 10 to US 395 bridge near Pasco. Bill Monroe summarizes the regulation change in the following article: https://www.oregonlive.com/sports/2020/09/columbia-river-salmon-fishing-to-reopen-friday.html Fishing was very good last week and I would expect it to be even better this weekend but I’m most likely going on a Tuna fishing trip.Continue reading “The Columbia is Re-Opening Friday – Sunday”

Fall Chinook salmon trolling

September 6, 2020 August was a sparse month of fishing for me. I only managed one day of fishing at Buoy 10 and my boat skunked out (Ouch). For those that may not know, the August Buoy 10 fall chinook salmon season is a huge fishing event. Hundreds of thousands of salmon pass through theContinue reading “Fall Chinook salmon trolling”

Weekend Recap

July 6, 2020 Salmon fishing was very good over the weekend. Fish were taken in the Willamette river, the Columbia river, and the ocean. My boat was on the water Thursday evening, Friday Morning, and Sunday. Our Thursday evening trip on the Willamette produced two keepers, one lost, and one takedown. Friday morning we hadContinue reading “Weekend Recap”

Fishing Report 6/18/2020

This weekend will present plenty of options for fishermen. In the first photo Dirk Peterson shows off a Spring Chinook that we caught at 8:30pm last night in the lower Willamette (See Latest Videos). Salmon are being caught daily but there are lots of boats competing for a few fish. In the middle photo Pro-GuideContinue reading “Fishing Report 6/18/2020”

Back to Springer Fishing

June 1, 2020 We picked up a nice hatchery Spring Chinook on Sunday morning. The bite has improved and catches have been more consistent. Our fish took a Brad’s Superbait cut-plug (chrome/chartreuse). It was stuffed with tuna fish and topped with bloody tuna oil. Our line counters were at 20 feet and we were usingContinue reading “Back to Springer Fishing”

Big tides and rising water

May 8, 2020 It was mostly disappointing for anglers during the Columbia River opener on May 5th and 7th. There are two days remaining to fish, May 9th and 13th. Water released from Bonneville caused the river to rise and thus turned off the bite. Additionally, the big outgoing tide exchange as pictured above madeContinue reading “Big tides and rising water”