Salmon Fishing August 27, 2021

The Buoy 10 season has been more productive than expected. As a result, Chinook can no longer be kept from Buoy 10 to Tongue point. The Coho are flushing in nicely which should result in some really good salmon fishing below Tongue point. The ocean North of Cape Falcon is also closing for Salmon afterContinue reading “Salmon Fishing August 27, 2021”

Weekend Fishing 3/7 -3/8

When I’m planning a fishing trip there are a lot of factors that I consider. Here’s a quick preview of my thinking (this example is based on the Willamette river 3/6/20): 1. Wind conditions help me to decide which days I want to fish more than anything. If the conditions are 0 to 5 knots,Continue reading “Weekend Fishing 3/7 -3/8”