Another Early Springer

March 13, 2021

Saturday was a beautiful day on the Willamette River. The sun was shining, the wind was calm, and the river was clear. Unfortunately, the fish weren’t as excited as the fishermen. According to reports there weren’t many fish caught but somehow we managed to find a native spring chinook in Downtown Portland. Our fish stripped a whole green label herring from my side rod before it swallowed a whole orange label herring on my back rod. As one of my mentors says, “once a biter, always a biter”. We were pretty aggressive in keeping four rods on the bottom which can result in snagging up. I hung up on the three times before catching this fish. Sometimes you need to take risk to catch fish and if you’re careful you’ll get all of your gear back. It’s still very early for catching springers but things should pick up in the next couple of weeks. Don’t get discouraged. The video will be posted in my “Latest Videos” section on March 15th at 10am. Tight Lines.

One thought on “Another Early Springer

  1. Well done David! Nice to hear a few people are getting a fish, now, and then! You’re right, gettin’ hung up on the bottom is a risk you have to take sometimes, to get a fish, you can just hope you don’t lose everything, that hurts!!
    Keep up the good work!! Look forward to the video on the 15th!!


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