An Early Springer in the Box

Dirk Peterson (February 27, 2021)

On Saturday, February 27, we decided to tune up for Spring Chinook Salmon fishing. After spending two hours trolling above the Sellwood bridge with no luck we ventured down river. A good friend and guide, Mikey’s Guided Adventures, had given me some advice the night before. Mike said, “make a few passes at Turkey Flats”. I stopped the boat at the top end of Turkey Flats and observed a fisherman later identified as “Cal” fighting a salmon solo about a hundred yards away. I was shocked that we actually found someone on the river landing an elusive springer in February. We started our troll in a lane that I normally fish. As we passed Cal we gave him a “thumbs up” for landing his springer. We trolled for about a half hour when my rod went down. I hit the GoPro start button and stood up. After my rod bounced 3 or 4 times it became still. As I was reeling my gear in for a bait check Dirk’s rod dipped hard and a few inches of line zipped. Fish on!!! We caught this fish on a Deja Vu flasher with 40 inches of leader and a whole green label herring. There was no scent or color added to the herring. On March 1st you can check out the video on my Youtube channel. Tight lines.

5 thoughts on “An Early Springer in the Box

  1. Dave,
    Your video from last weekend inspired me to take my fishing buddy and boat on a shakedown trip today 3/6 out to Sellwwood and we picked up a dime bright roughly 15lber on a triangle flasher and full herring but we lost it right at the boat, still a great day and good to feel the tug! Thanks again for all of your efforts in the tutorial videos, it’s been a huge help to get me up to speed and revisit as the season starts!


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