Hood River Sturgeon Fishing

After taking a break from my Website and Youtube channel I’ve returned with a short video on Keeper Sturgeon fishing. The season above Bonneville usually lasts a couple of months but the fishing was so productive that the quota has already been caught. The success on my boat was due in part to advice from fellow guides “Tony O”, “Mikey’s Guided Adventures”, and “2 Net Guide Service”. I’m grateful for their advice in an area where I haven’t fished before.

For years I’ve fished the Willamette and Lower Columbia with one of my mentors, John Manser. He’s one of the most successful Sturgeon fishermen that I know. I used the same basic technique and tactic in Hood River that I use in the Willamette. I cut a herring in half, run a 7/0 barbless hook through 1/2 fish, and use an “egg loop” to secure the herring to the hook. Most of the time I saturate the herring in Bloody Tuna but on Saturday one of the keepers took the herring without any scent. The second keeper hooked up on a whole squid without any scent. We picked up about five shakers in addition to the two keepers so it certainly wasn’t “lights out” fishing. Maybe it was just a lucky day!!!

Check out the video on my Youtube Channel or on this website in the Video section. Tight line! https://youtu.be/yuA-8kS3FUA

2 thoughts on “Hood River Sturgeon Fishing

  1. Hi David! Really enjoy your videos and learned a lot from you as I’m new to this fishery…I have a question for you as I noticed you fish with the same Okuma line counter reel as I do…twice now I’ve experienced problems with my clicker switch after I cast with it with the clicker on (both times I was so into what was going on in and around my boat that I forgot to turn the clicker off😩) and both times the switch failed to work after one cast…just curious if you’ve ever experienced this?


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