Fall Chinook Salmon Fishing isn’t over yet

The Columbia river has peaked for Fall Chinook Salmon fishing but it’s still giving up some big fish. My buddy Aaron is pictured holding a 28 pound Chinook that he caught on Saturday. Casey, Matt, and Dirk are holding nice sized salmon that were caught on my boat over the weekend. Two were caught above Chinook Landing and the third was caught at Davis Bar. This week nets are in the river Wednesday and Friday. This will have a negative effect on sport fishing but I’m hopeful to fish below Bonneville for at least two more weekends. I’ve had good luck using Brad’s Cut Plug Superbait. The Hot Tamale consistently gets action but on Saturday the Double Trouble (chrome with chartreuse tips) picked up both fish on my boat. These lures have a little more drag than the original Superbait so you’ll want to spool out a little more line to get into the strike zone. Let’s hope the commercial fleet leaves us some fish for next weekend. Tight Lines.

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