Smoke, Masks, and Chinook Salmon

September 11, 2020

The Chinook Salmon re-opener on the Columbia river started today and we easily found our limit by 8:30am. My Friend Tom hosted today’s trip on his 23 foot North River. All three rods caught fish in deep water with fifty feet on the line counter. My rod was hit first with a vicious takedown on a Hot Tamale Cutplug. Van’s was next rigged with a Bronco spinner and Tom sealed our limit using a Mexican Hat spinner. It should be noted that we fished deep today due to the outgoing (ebb) tide. Last week we fished shallow because we had an incoming (flood) tide. The smoke on the river felt like we were fishing in light fog. Be sure to watch for the video which will be released sometime next week. Enjoy your weekend and Tight Lines.

3 thoughts on “Smoke, Masks, and Chinook Salmon

  1. Hi David, great report, as usual!
    Hey, which size “Hot Tamale” were you using, what was your leader length?
    Thanks for the info in advance.


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