The Columbia is Re-Opening Friday – Sunday

September 9, 2020

The Columbia river is re-opening from Buoy 10 to US 395 bridge near Pasco. Bill Monroe summarizes the regulation change in the following article:

Fishing was very good last week and I would expect it to be even better this weekend but I’m most likely going on a Tuna fishing trip. Get your Pro-Trolls ready and find some quality Fall Chinook salmon this weekend. Don’t forget to watch a video released today in the “Latest Video” section of my website. You should note that we fished “suspended” at various depths this past weekend and we were out during the Incoming Tide. I typically fish tighter to the bottom (not on the bottom like spring Chinook fishing) during outgoing tides. You’ll have to experiment to find out where the fish are! Good luck and Tight Lines!

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