Fall Chinook salmon trolling

September 6, 2020

August was a sparse month of fishing for me. I only managed one day of fishing at Buoy 10 and my boat skunked out (Ouch). For those that may not know, the August Buoy 10 fall chinook salmon season is a huge fishing event. Hundreds of thousands of salmon pass through the mouth of the Columbia river every year and the fishing can be white hot.

Well, its September and I’m back in action. Over the past week the fish counts at Bonneville dam have been well over 10,000 per day. Last weekend was really good for anchor fishing using wobblers. This weekend shaped up better for trolling Pro-Trolls and hardware (spinners/superbait). Friday night we caught a fish just two minutes before we were scheduled to pull up our gear. Tamara landed her first Chinook salmon this season. Yesterday Dirk and I launched at Gleason boat ramp and trolled toward the Interstate bridge. At 6:30am my rod buckled and the reel started to spin. Shortly after landing my fish, Dirk’s rod buried. It was only 7:30am and we limited for the day. On Sunday, Tamara was once again successful in bringing a fall Chinook to the net. The videos will be posted this week.

Tight Lines.

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