Buoy 10

August 13, 2020

August 14th is the first day of “Buoy 10” fishing near the mouth of the Columbia river. It’s considered the Superbowl of fishing in our region. Thousands of boats troll the river for Chinook and Coho salmon every August. When the bite turns on at Buoy 10 it feels like every boat in the area is fighting a fish and it’s not uncommon for the bite to last for over an hour. It’s certainly a special experience. If you’re planning a trip to Buoy 10 in the next couple of weeks I have a few suggestions.

  • Make sure your boat is running properly before you leave home.
  • Check your trailer tire pressure and hub lubricant level.
  • Bring quality PFD’s for each person on your boat (please wear them).
  • Bring at least one backup rod/reel combination ready to deploy.
  • Bring plenty of mooching rigs, spinners, and rigged Superbait.
  • Have several “rebuild kits” ready in case you tangle or lose your bumper, flasher, lead, and mooching rig.
  • Retention of adult Chinook (longer than 24 in.) and adult hatchery Coho (16 in. and longer) allowed. All steelhead must be released.
  • Order fresh bait a day in advance if you intend to pick it up at the boat ramp.
  • Get to the boat launch early and avoid the morning rush.
  • Look at the tide tables for the Buoy 10 area and determine where you plan to fish.
  • Find two or three other boats that are willing to work different areas and report back to each other when a bite turns on. This could be one of the most important things you do.
  • Bring a really good attitude and be happy for everyone that catches fish. Be patient with new fishermen and forgive those that might do something that offends you. This is a time for fun so do your best to have a good time and be happy.
  • If you see me on the river I will share whatever I know with you. Please say “hello” and share your experience.
  • Please be safe and encourage everyone on your boat to wear a PFD.
  • Tight lines (literally)

4 thoughts on “Buoy 10

    1. Thank you, Brian. It’s going to be crazy out there on Saturday. The tide looks good and the ocean hasn’t been fished since July 26 so I’m hoping its worth the drive from Portland.


  1. Good luck David. I’m going to miss the opener st buoy 10. It’s going to be too crazy for me by myself. Go get em. Looking Howard yo your report and video. I might just go in the CR best my home in Woodland.

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    360 904-5404


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