Weekend Wrap-up

July 27, 2020

Pictured above are Dennis and Abby holding prized Columbia river steelhead. At 11 years old, Abby is described as a “Steelhead plunking pro”. It’s great to see young people that have a passion for fishing. Dennis reported that his group went 3 for 5 on both Saturday and Sunday. Congratulations to Abby and Dennis!

I guided an Educational trip on the Columbia river on Saturday. I enjoy these trips because I can demonstrate technique and tactics while explaining fishing logic and theory. On this trip the focus was trolling for spring and fall Chinook salmon. We trolled through highly productive fishing areas on the Columbia river where I explained the speed, depth, flasher, bait, and lure differences for spring vs fall salmon fishing. In addition to trolling, I pointed out areas where there is productive anchor fishing. If you’re a beginner or intermediate fishermen, one of these trips could help to move you to the next level.

It was disappointing to hear that the Ocean Coho salmon quota off the Columbia river had been mostly consumed. It was expected that this area would close for both Coho and Chinook by Sunday, July 26th. My friend Rick was in the ocean on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. He brought home a limit for each day and reported that the fish were moving further South. That gives me hope that the Central Oregon zone will start to see more fish by next weekend. If the ocean looks good I’ll probably make a trip to Garibaldi.

The Columbia is still open for steelhead and summer Chinook until the end of July. In August the river regulations change substantially. It’s complicated so check the regulations.

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