Weekend Recap

July 6, 2020

Salmon fishing was very good over the weekend. Fish were taken in the Willamette river, the Columbia river, and the ocean. My boat was on the water Thursday evening, Friday Morning, and Sunday. Our Thursday evening trip on the Willamette produced two keepers, one lost, and one takedown. Friday morning we had three chances that resulted in one keeper, one lost, and one released. On Sunday we fished the ocean and limited with 4 keepers. The pictures above show a sampling of fish we caught and one additional photo of my friend, John Manser (with face covering), holding a Columbia River Summer Chinook. These fish are called “June Hogs” for a reason. Nice fish, John.

The Willamette has been consistently putting out fish over the past three weeks and we’ve probably seen the peak. That said, I generally keep fishing in the Willamette until the middle of July if the ocean isn’t fishable. I’ll be looking for safe bar crossings, low wind conditions, and small swells during the months of July and August. There’s nothing like Chinook and Coho fishing in the salt. In the second half of August the Super Bowl of fishing (Buoy 10) opens. Let’s hope we have some very productive days at Buoy 10 this season. Tight lines.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Thanks for you videos and how to. I would like to see some of your ocean how to content on finding salmon if you get out in the salt this season. Do you ever wish you had a open boat or feel you are at a disadvantage with a windshield? I’m researching about a new boat purchase is why I’m asking about the windshield.


    1. Zach,
      I would like to have a river boat and an ocean boat. If you had to choose one boat only it seems like an open boat with a windshield would be a good solution. You get wind protection and you can feel a little safer in the ocean by having some of the water displaced if you take a wave over the bow. If you only plan to fish only rivers you may not need a windshield but having some wind protection while running is much more comfortable. What do you think?


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