Weekend Recap

June 22, 2020

The Willamette river was open for keeper sturgeon this past Saturday. There was a huge effort but finding a fish between 44 and 50 inches was challenging. My friend, John Manser, picked up a 44 1/2 inch fish before 8am (picture #1). John taught me everything I know about sturgeon fishing years ago and it truly pays to learn from the best! In picture #2 my friend Anthony caught a beautiful spring chinook near the head of the channel before he fished for Sturgeon. No luck getting his keeper. I got started late but managed to find a few shakers. After a few hours on sturgeon I switched out my gear and trolled for salmon. We didn’t get a fish but like most days, we met some really nice people on the river. One gentleman that we talked to, Dennis Schwartz, sent a few pictures yesterday. Picture #3 is his buddy Mike Necatuck holding his 17 lb springer. He also sent a picture of two fish caught on his boat by Greg and Chad Kosher (Picture #4).

On Sunday (Father’s day) I fished solo for the first few hours. I hooked a springer before 6am but it broke off my Hot Tamale superbait on the takedown (12 ounces at 22 ft.). My wonderful daughters met me at the dock with breakfast at 9am. We trolled for a few hours but only saw a hand full of fish caught. Another fantastic Father’s day for me even with no fish in the boat. Tight lines.

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