Willamette Salmon fishing has picked up

April 8, 2020

Tara – 6/6/20
Anthony – 6/6/20

Last week the fishing on the lower Willamette picked up. The fish counters reported good numbers caught Wednesday through Sunday and several fish were over 20 pounds. That leads me to believe that a batch of Columbia River summer Chinook could be in the mix. It’s been a tough spring season so it’s nice to finally see the Lower Willamette producing. Although some are still using herring/anchovy, most of the fish are being caught using spinners and Brad’s Superbait. I was out on Sunday and we lost one that was hooked on a pounded copper spinner at 20 feet on the line counter using 16 ounces of lead. We didn’t use any scent on this spinner. I simply washed it with Lemon Joy and dropped it in the water. Be prepared for crowded fishing conditions until the coastal fishing options look better. Let’s hope the good fishing continues. Tight Lines.

2 thoughts on “Willamette Salmon fishing has picked up

  1. Just had a quick question. Why 16 oz. Of lead and not 10. I tried 16’s seemed I was fishing straight down. Any help would be appreciated.


    1. Shan, everything depends on speed and how deep you want to fish. If I want to troll fast I use heavier weight. When fishing with hardware (spinners & superbait) you can troll pretty fast to cover water. You would do this if the fish are scattered and you’re searching for fish. If the fish are holding in a smaller area you would troll slower and stay in that zone. In this case you would use less weight. Does that make sense?


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