Back to Springer Fishing

June 1, 2020

Springer Caught 5/31/2020

We picked up a nice hatchery Spring Chinook on Sunday morning. The bite has improved and catches have been more consistent. Our fish took a Brad’s Superbait cut-plug (chrome/chartreuse). It was stuffed with tuna fish and topped with bloody tuna oil. Our line counters were at 20 feet and we were using 16 ounces of lead. With warmer water on the way you’ll find that spinners, herring, or Superbait will entice Springers. In past years the fishing at the Head of the Channel has been quite productive in June. Let’s hope that this pattern continues. Please note that the Cathedral Park boat ramp is scheduled to close this week for repairs. Tight Lines.

2 thoughts on “Back to Springer Fishing

  1. Nice fish Dave! It seems a lot of your fish This year are early biters, what time was it when this one hit?


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