Columbia River open for four additional days

May 14, 2020

Springer caught 5/14/2020

Salmon fishing on the Columbia river will be open for another four days starting tomorrow. The open dates are May 15, 16, 17 and 20. The previous opener which ended on Wednesday was mostly filled with frustration due to a catch rate of one fish for every 20 anglers. The conditions going forward aren’t favorable as the water level is high, the river is moving fast, the fish counts are dropping and the water is off-color (high turbidity). It might be wise to sit on anchor with a quickfish close to shore and hope that you’re discovered by a spring Chinook. Another option is to fish the Willamette river. The reports I’ve received indicate that your best options are in the lower channel and at the Head of the channel. It’s been “hit or miss” all season and we’re still struggling to find a consistent bite. Truly, the season hasn’t been all that good and it’s largely due to the number of fish in the system. I’m just calling my fishing trips a “boat ride” for the moment and hoping that things pick up. I want to mention that fish are being taken on bait in the Willamette so if your boat has more that one rod in the water you might want to roll herring in addition to spinners and superbait. Good luck out there.

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