Big tides and rising water

May 8, 2020

It was mostly disappointing for anglers during the Columbia River opener on May 5th and 7th. There are two days remaining to fish, May 9th and 13th. Water released from Bonneville caused the river to rise and thus turned off the bite. Additionally, the big outgoing tide exchange as pictured above made it difficult to troll slow and reduced the fishable area of the river. Salmon move closer to shore to avoid strong currents so that should be your target area. Rumor has it that bank anglers near Bonneville caught some fish which makes sense. My good friend Lorenzo fished from the bank both days and was rewarded with the nice springer pictured above. You’ve probably seen him in my videos, he’s a good fisherman. If you’re angling from a boat on big outgoing tides you should troll slow moving water close to shore. Anchoring up is another good option. If you’re fishing from the bank, you probably won’t need to cast too far to find a springer. Good luck out there and Tight lines.

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