Columbia river to re-open on May 5

May 1, 2020

The Columbia river will re-open on select days beginning on May 5th. Please read Bill Monroe’s summary at this hyperlink:

In addition to the Columbia river re-opening, licensed non-residents will be able to fish Oregon waters again on May 5th. The reports that I’ve received indicate that most of the hot spots on the Willamette have failed to produce fish in good numbers. The water level in the Willamette came up several feet and it probably had a negative effect on the bite. The good news is that it’s starting to drop and the water temp is rising. If you’re willing to fish in the wind and rain this weekend maybe you’ll be rewarded with a springer. Tight lines.

2 thoughts on “Columbia river to re-open on May 5

  1. David, thank you so much for all that you have taught me. This is by far the most frustrating fishery ever. I was at the mouth of the channel Friday morning, and have never seen so many fish on the fish finder. Went back the next day in the afternoon during the rain storm, and 90% of them were gone. The screen was empty. On both days I have not seen one fish caught. You mentioned that since the river was higher the bite was off. That certainly was my experience. Any words of wisdom you have are always appreciated.


    1. Just put your time in. Every trip is a learning experience. The fish will bite when they are ready and you just hope you’re in the right place at the right time. There’s a tremendous amount of luck involved especially when we have so few returning fish. Are you sure that you’re seeing salmon? Is it possible that you’re looking a sturgeon? When I see salmon on my finder it’s just one or two fish swimming by. You’re time will come so don’t give up. Go to the about section, find my number and give me a call. I’ll be happy to tell you what I know.


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