A tough weekend

The fishing reports that I received throughout the week weren’t favorable. The channel had the best action but it wasn’t what you’d expect for the latter part of April. This past Saturday I trolled from the Sauvies Island bridge to the Scappoose bay area. Although we marked a few fish we couldn’t find a biter. As we arrived at the Scappoose bay a good friend, Lorenzo Lopez, lost one and released one. Both came on cut-plug herring. Two of my youtube acquaintances, Anthony and Tara, put in a long day and were rewarded with a nice springer. That fish came on a pro-troll and superbait. A guide friend, Tony O, picked up one at Coon Island and two in Scappoose bay. On Sunday we launched at Willamette Park. We made a couple of passes through the Spaghetti Factory area and didn’t see any nets go up. We dropped down to the Ross Island bridge area and saw two fish hooked. We worked that area without any luck. Our next move took us to the Hawthorne bridge. After a few passes we saw one fish lost. Again, we worked the area and couldn’t find a fish. We picked up our gear and ran to the Steel bridge. We trolled down river past Gunderson without seeing a fish and crossed the river to the Swan Island dry dock. On our second pass below the dry dock my good friend Shinya’s rod started peeling line. It was a vicious spinner takedown and the reel was screaming. Shinya took his time bringing the fish to the boat. I thought the fish was done but once Shinya brought it to the surface it thrashed hard. The flasher and lead were swinging near my face and I just couldn’t get the net under the fish safely. Unfortunately, it threw the hooks and we lost the fish. It’s always disappointing when you lose one but at least we had some action. We fished for another hour before calling it a day. Skunked again. That’s springer fishing. I hope everyone has better luck this weekend (including me). Tight lines.

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