Slow day so far – Released a nice springer

It’s Friday and my report is coming to you as I troll past the Freemont Bridge. Dirk is nodding off and the fish must be doing the same. We found a small bite this morning and landed a beautiful native near the Ross Island Bridge. I almost lifted the fish into the boat until I saw the tiny adipose fin as it rolled in the net. Darn, I was thinking about my dinner plans for only a brief moment only to be disappointed. There was one other caught and one lost before that bite was over.

We trolled past Hawthorne and continued to the Steel Bridge where we saw my good friends, John and Diane. They had just put a nice springer in the box. Again, only three fish caught in that bite.

My friends down river reported the same. A pretty slow day everywhere. Tomorrow is a new day so we will rinse and repeat. Tight lines.

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