Springers are in the system

Springer fishing generally picks up in the month of April. The fishing reports from Friday, Saturday, and Sunday indicate that we are off to a good start. On Friday the best reports came from the Lower Channel and Scappoose Bay area. Multiple people told me that the bite was good. I fished there on Saturday and it was very crowded. The bite wasn’t hot but one of our Youtube viewers released one in the morning and found a keeper later in the afternoon. I saw at least six caught before 12:30. On Sunday I fished the Sellwood area. Although I only saw a handful of fish caught, I talked to others fishing across from the Willamette Park ramp and they said fish were being caught at Turkey flats, the green can, and near the Sellwood bridge. I had a takedown near the Ross Island bridge but unfortunately it didn’t stick. One of our Youtube viewers picked up a fish at the Spaghetti Factory and another near the Ross Island Bridge. This coming week should bring good fishing as the water clears but it’s probably not going to happen every day. Springer fishing is challenging so put your time in and hopefully you’ll be rewarded.

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